Uploaded: 09 Jan, 2012
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Author: Plamen Arnaudov

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This package contains the 01/09/2012 version of the Bedlam web-based interface for area building.

The UI is in HTML+JavaScript. jQuery and jQuery UI are used extensively. The UI supports ThemeRoller for easy re-theming. In this implementation, PHP is used to interface with a MySQL database.

To make use of this tool, you'd need to modify entity properties in the UI and in the way it interfaces with your game's world data. The degree of effort will vary a lot. If you run a Diku derivative, and if you already have a method of accessing and updating your world info online, you are in a good position to adapt this tool to your needs. If not, it's still doable with more work on your part. Familiarity with HTML / JS-jQuery and a server-side scripting language will help a lot.

If you have released a modern custom codebase, consider integrating this tool in future releases. Implementation can be involved but it will no doubt please your future adopters to be able to grow and customize the world more easily.

This release contains the Bedlam fantasy-themed icon sets for mobiles, objects, and room backgrounds. A sample icon map is included.

More info and screenshots here