Uploaded: 07 Oct, 2011
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Author: Various, Mulet

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An updated MapMaker that is easier to use. (and hopefully bugfree enough)
If you wanna use the part where it only shows room known by the player, and the sharing of explored map between player, you will need to integrate the variable
char* visitedroom
in save

fprintf(fp, "Visited ");
for (sn =0; sn <MAX_MAP_ROOM_SAVED ; sn++)
fprintf(fp, "%c", ch->pcdata->visitedroom[sn]);
fprintf(fp, "\n");

in load
if ( !str_cmp(word, "Visited")) {
// Skip blank after visited. Read first char.
short int visitedRoom;
for (visitedRoom = 0; visitedRoom < MAX_MAP_ROOM_SAVED; visitedRoom++)
ch->pcdata->visitedroom[visitedRoom] = getc(fp);
getc(fp); //to read the '\n'
fMatch = TRUE;

18/12:- mxp so you can click on a room and go to it (provided you have a function that can make you walk to a room)
- possibility to 'forget' a map
- make so some rooms cannot be mapped

30/01/2013:-added the possibility to create get x/y coordinates for rooms (need to add the structure in the room data)
-possibility to call some of the methods from outside
-some variable type change and some more test to get a better fault tolerant code.