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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

The "big feature" of 4.4.1 (aside from horribly incomplete Lua support ;) is that AckFUSS now ships with my newly written Areaconvert 1.0. Right now Areaconvert is only capable of converting ACK!MUD 4.3.1 area files to AckFUSS area files, but it will be expanded on to more bases as time goes on. For now, though, it should certainly allow a breadth of new areas to be added to your game if you can get your hands on any favorite (even stock) 4.3.1 zones. Rooms also have HTML-like "tags" to dynamically change the description based on certain criteria; check the helpfile for more info! All helpfiles are also included in this release! For everything I could think of! Melee combat now uses an offensive/defense cooldown system, and spells have actual "cast time" and suffer from "pushback" when struck in combat. So much new stuff! There's more, but this is getting long, read the changelog! :D

AckFUSS Feature List

Character Development:
-Level and Class based
-Multi-class: 11 classes in 3 tiers
-Vampire / Werewolf societies (not races)
-Clans, with politics, unique equipment, and a war system
-Structured PVP: choose to be PKOK and lawless or break the laws and suffer the penalties
-Initial stats selected by you, based on race limitations

-Unique fighting stances based on class selection
-Speed based combat; no static round "ticks"
-Speed based casting; no "lag" after spells, damage causes cast pushback
-Cooldown based abilities; offensive and defensive, use your skills wisely
-Realm based spell damage (fire/ice/mind/etc)
-Limited PVP looting depending on law / clan war status of combatants
-Deathmatch mode – free for all PVP with no consequences
-Item durability – broken items grant no bonuses and need repairing
-Brawl code; bystanders may get swept into a fight

Interface Enhancements:
-Channel history for all public channels
-Most text supports player customizeable color
-Alias system
-Speedwalk mode to suppress room descriptions automatically
-Customizeable prompts
-Auto mapper to help navigate

-Full online editing of rooms, objs, mobs, helps, and socials
-Rare items
-Multiple piece items that have to be collected and connected
-Room affects
-Auto dig feature to rapidly create zone layouts
-Auto object feature to set baseline stats based on absolute maximums, editable per slot
-Obj funs – create code to make objects unique
-Dynamic room/obj/mob descriptions with HTML-like code tags
-Lua scripting support to replace "mobprogs"; scripts can be attached to a room, obj, or mob

Quest Points:
-Auto-run quests based on average online player level
-A new mquest system, letting players request random quests for gold, experience, and quest points
-Player driven item enhancements; power up your items as you see fit
-Purchaseable stat raises for Str/Int/Wis/Con/Dex

System Enhancements:
-System generated messages to automatically track certain player actions
-Integrated IMC2 Freedom client
-Customizeable multi-coin currency system
-Easily customizeable pre-compile
-Numerous online-configurable gameplay options to set mob difficulty, leveling speed, etc
-Flat helpfiles; every help is a single file – reduced memory footprint and easily updated
-Race realism – not everybody carries cash these days
-Human readable area files; no more cryptic garbage that's impossible to modify
-Numerous C++ and Makefile enhancements to improve maintainability and speed compile time