Uploaded: 03 Aug, 2009
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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

So the long overdue, hugely edited, partially now C++ version of AckFUSS is HERE! Some things are "incomplete" in this release, such as the re-organization of prototypes and header files, but I wanted this out for Christmas ;D. There is a minimal area set (read: 3) included. Limo, a zone for crusade quest items, and a DM arena. You need to create your newbie school and starting city and update the vnum defines properly in config.h! The changelog looks short but I ensure you there has been so much work in this release it's crazy! Please report bugs – a LOT has changed, and I can't test for every possible condition!

A -LOT- of C++ conversion has happened in this release! Area files are entirely different, too!
Added two new types to mquest based on mob race.
Fixed a crash bug with the speedwalk detection.
Autobrief added to let players disable the speed walk suppression of room displays.
Added how to delete a note on look <board> per Sasuke's suggestion. Updated the writing parser with !str_prefix() instead of the ugly case-sensitive
checks it had. Should work with .save .Save, etc etc.
Optimized char_list looping.
#ifdef IMC fix for the midnight keepalive.
Fixed a display bug in, oddly enough, bug().
Added a missing color code. Changed '%' to send socials over IMC, '@' was breaking color codes.
Added all "player" (I use the term loosely) act flags to a table for easy lookup with mstat.
What once was ch->pcdata->pflags has been consolidated into ch->act
ch->config migrated to ch->act now too
Updated the Makefile to use dependencies and hide obj files out of the way.
Updated Makefile and startup script. New startup will check for ports in use to avoid constant looping and logs.
Moved to compiling with g++ by default. Code updated to actually do this cleanly!
Moving prototypes to individual headers for readability. Slow and steady.
Cleaned out the AIX/SYSV/etc ancient stuff still around.
More headers and cleaned out the multi-base code from IMC; no need to haul it around.
xprintf is gone, now using snprintf. xcat is gone, now using strncat.
A lot of C++ work with new/delete and removal of bitmasks to bitsets. I'm sure there are many more edits too (incl super new Makefile) but I honestly don't remember them all!
Help update for new build command (Addroom) and minor re-org.
Added aobj help – oops. Also added a "list" argument to aobj. Some fixes I missed with the previous object updates, too.
Objs no longer crash on load :D
Minor Makefile edit for -DWIN32 not being used with Cygwin.
Moved reset tracking to per-reset. This should work ok, but report problems if any are found. Also another freelist bites the dust!
A lot of things are now bitsets (infinite flags)!