Uploaded: 03 Aug, 2009
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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

All helpfiles are -done-! Wow! A couple of good bug fixes went in along with some features and better organization of things, too. With the new mobs per level sysdata you can control the leveling speed of your game to be fast, slow, or anywhere in-between easily!

Removed lots of unused code.
Added 'color' support for all regular channels.
Renamed dirs to be standardized (singular, not plural).
Allow immortals to always pickup quest items.
Updated stock sysdata file.
Added a records struct to pcdata, moved all records there and added some new ones to track.
"Prettied up" pfile saves for fields to align, it annoyed me.
Added MONITOR_HELPS to display when players can't find a help file.
Added a new sysdata option: damcap. In Ack 4.3.1 all damage was limited to 3000, this is now configurable.
Changed area format slightly; stop saving un-needed information.
Sorted helps by first letter, updated code to match. All helps are DONE now, too. Only need to keep up with it as I go along :)
Holy Armor now has a duration based on level instead of static.
Deflect Weapon duration now based on level, not just static.
Added a new sysdata option to that controls how much classes cost per level based on number of mob kills per level. No more const EXP table.
Fixed a bug in help with : in filenames.
Fixed a bug in IMC parsing the who template.
Updated IMC to support whonames via imcwho and a more uniform default template.
Added _popen to output shell commands to a char and handle fpReserve management with it.
smash_replace() is an upgraded smash_tilde(). smash_tilde() was moved to use it and has only been kept for backwards compatibility.
Added an abandon command to drop all followers.
Closed a possible file descriptor leak in count_helps().
Olmsg now actually saves and oload now also uses it, yay for fun imm stuff :P