Uploaded: 03 Aug, 2009
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Author: Kline

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ACK!MUD 4.3.1 by Zenithar. GCC4 cleanup by Samson. AckFUSS by Kline.

There are some neat new features in this release (autodig :), but a lot of it was bugfixes and stability. Especially the new string handlers to prevent accidental buffer overflows as best I can.

Damage spells now have a +/- 10% randomness. It's pretty boring seeing the exact same damage all the time!
strcat and the old safe_strcat were replaced with a newer xcat, along the lines of xprintf.
When using 'long <str>' on an obj or mob it will auto-newline. No more need to $edit to add it.
Moved most things to xprintf by Darien. It will log (to file and in-game) what overflows a buffer and the exact location in the code. Some things couldn't move, yet, as they rely on sprintf returning an int.
Fixed a rare permanent loop issue in IMC.
Fixed autoquest to ignore imms.
Added an autodig feature for builders to automatically dig out exits while walking if enabled.
Added Runter's bitmask system. This is not in active use yet, but I will be moving things to it slowly.
Imms now see the vnum of mobs and objs while in the builder.
Updated every mob in the game to have an appropriate race.
Fixed a minor log inconsistency and imms now see mob races in addition to player races.
Added 3 new player/npc races and 1 npc race.
'rlist' will now display a data sheet per race with 'rlist <abbr>'.
The race table has a new bool of has_money for configuring races that drop cash when they die (stop giving rats gold!).
Changed load_obj() to not randomize the level if an obj is level 1 (was messing up newbie school gear).
Mobs now take 8 hours to fill up on gold rather than 2.
Removed the old has_exp_fix checks as they no longer apply.
The imcrefresh routine goes off at midnight (game time) to help keep the mud connected to IMC. Only works if autoconnect is turned on.