Uploaded: 24 May, 2009
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Author: Remcon

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Converts areas (That can be loaded by SmaugFUSS) into LoP format.

To make

cd Converter/src
make clean

To run

That should be all the main stuff out the way. All the areas included with SmaugFUSS are in there (In SmaugFUSS format) and it will convert them fine (Not saying no errors in all, but I did test the LOP_astral.are (Astral.are in LOP format that it created) and managed to get it to go in LoP clean.

It strips alot of things that it would just give a bug message when loading in LoP and converts a few things over. It loads areas listed in the area.lst for converting (So it can convert more then one at a time lol hate redoing commands personally). After loading all the areas it saves them all in LoP format and then exits.

This is still in the starting phase and has alot of unneeded things still around I'm sure. So alot of cleaning up and updates will be done to it still but it is a starting point.

Thanks in advance for any testing and help anyone offers.