Uploaded: 24 May, 2009
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Author: Remcon

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Removed enchant weapon spell.
Removed enchant armor spell.
Removed disenchant weapon spell.
Removed disenchant armor spell.
Added enchant spell.
(Gives random enchantments (Good and Bad)).
(Can be cast more then once per object).
Added disenchant spell.
(Removes only enchantments on the object).
Modified alot of the reset code and other stuff.
(To make resets work alot better).
(Resets keep a pointer to what ch or obj it resets).
(Characters and Objects that are created by reset have a pointer to the reset that created them).
Added so "reset rlist" shows the resets for the room.
Added so "reset room" will reset the room your in.
Added in so descriptions can be parsed to control what it shows.
(Have to do a help file for this sometime when I get done with it).
Added a HASH_LINK and HASH_UNLINK for dealing with hashes a little easier.
Fixed socials so it keeps the socials where you put them in the list.
Added in Keberus' mssp snippet.
Added in hitroll and damroll to useglory.
Fixed it so adding armor class using useglory doesn't affect enchantments.
Fixed issues with increase_gold and increase_balance.
Got rid of some unneeded things here and there.
Added in fclear and flineclear.
Added log (logspeech) to fshow.