Uploaded: 22 Mar, 2009
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Author: Remcon

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This is version 1.34 of the LoP codebase

Changes this version:
Added a keep alive timer to imc.
Modified do_arealist (to show free vnums better).
Added in so races wear locations can be restricted.
(Will allow you to disable them from wearing things there).
Fixed issues in sset.
Added in get_percent in comm.c.
Modified fchat history to work sort of like yell history.
(Without yell's area based limits).
Changed killed data to a double linked list.
(Uses sysdata.maxkillhistory now).
Added in fchat color setting.
Removed areaversion from saving to files.
(Not really needed with the area format changes).
Added in skilltable command.
(Like cmdtable only for skills (Doesn't show Personals/Herbs)).
Updated color themes to 113 (to include fchat color).
Added and modified some help files.
Fixed an issue in loading reqskill name for a skill not yet loaded.
(It now gets the information and finds the skill after all skills are loaded).
Updated licenese.txt to include 2009.
Changed minhit and maxhit to ints.
Added in for hpmanamove to save and load for pets.
Modified sudoku a little.
(Resets starttime when quit/completed. Doesn't save stuff thats still 0 to pfile).
Made it so you can advance all of someones classes at once.
Added in so objects can have descriptions.
Fixed a possible memory leak in fread_obj.
Made it so the max amount of auctions each person has can be set online.
(Uses sysdata.maxauction now).
Added and modified help files.
Modified do_group.
Modified do_restore.
Modified show_condition.
Fixed it so stat_gain doesn't take away hp if your above your max.
Modified mpxmset.
Removed a few spells/skills.
Added Affects:
(AFF_NOMOVE: can't move).
(AFF_SILENCE: can't cast spells).
Modified coin handling on drop and going into corpses and get.
Made it so you can "drop all gold" to drop all gold on hand.
Modified object 2 and 3 for changes (Limbo.are objects).
Made it so gold on char and in banks is changed by billions instead of millions.
Think I finaly got the following around fixed.
Modified bank code and fixed some issues.
Made it so you can handle more then 2bil on gold things (drop, give, bank, split, mset).
(Max on those things for gold is 2 Quintillion (2,000,000,000,000,000,000).