Uploaded: 25 Jan, 2009
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Author: Remcon

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LOP is a modified SmaugFUSS 1.7 mud.

Changes in version 1.33
Fixed in issue in locker code.
Fixed a memory leak in news code.
Added in trivia code.
Fixed an issue in the hunt, hate and fear code.
Modified how the hunt, hate, fear and summon stuff works.
Tossed in so calendar auto updates when some things change.
Added and modified some help files.
Updated headers in source files to include 2009.
Modified imc.config to use port 5000 instead of 9000.
Added in fchat (Friend Chat) channel.
Modified give program some.
(It will now allow use of vnums and more then one item name at a time).
Fixed an issue with spells affecting stats.
(Some would put blindness and invisible on instead).
Added some variables for programs to use.
Modified display of affects some in mstat.
Changed it so instead of slots for weaponspells it uses the names in files.
Changed version over to sysdata.

Fixed an issue in saving and loading sudoku game.
Fixed a compiling problem in timeinfo.c