Uploaded: 14 Jan, 2009
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This brings to a close 7 years of working with smaug code. The final installment of Eldhamud code as it was running befor shutting it down. This version comes with all the maps, classes, races, skills, spells, areas and anything else you can think of that was being used. It has been a fun time being part of the smaug community. I am not going to list any features, or how to's and even what needs to be done to complete a game, if your serious enough about it, you will read the code and work it out for yourself. I will say that this is not a codebase for the faint of heart, there is no documentation, no commenting and most of all, no support unless you manage to catch me on The Oriental Dojo, where i am making the game crom scratch building a custom base. I wish anyone who uses this the best of luck.