Uploaded: 09 Dec, 2008
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Author: Kaervos

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Here it is finally – a hand edited OLC 1.81 patch for RaM Fire. This patch works flawlessly on the Fire version I pulled from the RaM SVN just before 11/26/08. If changes have been made since then, there might be a few hiccups to deal with.


-Replaced send_to_char(…) calls with ch_printf(…), and eliminated a large amount of temp variables in the process

-Replaced bug(…) calls with log_error(…) calls, and bug(…); exit(1); combos with exit_proper(MUD_HALT, …)

-Translated and unified all OLC messages. They are now readable and consistent across the board.

-Const correct! Your OLC character strings have never been happier.

-Using the -g command line option (need_god) also grants builder security level 9.


Copy patch.olc, Makefile, *.c, *.h to your RaM Fire /src/ directory. Run "patch < patch.olc", then make!

[Updated 2008.12.09 @ 17:01:09 To fix an error in mob_progs.c]