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Author: The_Fury

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The EldhaMUD 2.x series of codebase releases depart greatly from the older 1.x series. The overland now plays and even greater roll in content delivery and hand crafted areas become less important. This release also become somewhat bare bones, with no zones, no classes and no races supplied as well as next to no skills and spells.

The central design principle used in this release has been to Keep It Simple, with every aspect of the game having "Does this fit the game plan" asked about it. Anything that no longer fit, was removed. This makes the EldhaMUD 2.x series of code much leaner and without unnecessary code bloat.

The basis of the game play has been to make this much more like a typical MMORPG and less like a roleplay inspired MUD and to also provide a clean and cohesive interface for the players. The game revolves around 9 overland maps that deliver the main game content. The only hand crafted area requirements are a tutorial zone, a main city zone and the player housing zone. Instanced quest zones are planned for future releases.

Other game features are as follows:

** 30 player levels, with an option of rebirth
** 9 overland ANSI maps full of monsters
** free player houses with built in item locker
** regular event, quest, dbl exp, quad damage etc
** wearable tattoos
** Items re-stringer, to individualize your gears
** Stat Trainer, Healers, Bankers,

Any many other things.