Uploaded: 21 Sep, 2008
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Author: The_Fury

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This is the 4th and final release of the EldhaMUD 1 series codebase. This is the most complete and playable of all the releases. This release comes complete with all the areas, classes and races that were used in the game. Game features included:

** 100 player levels
** Classless skill learning system
** 14 races
** Implementation of the Portal GT MIP Protocol
** banking
** Player housing
** Player tattoo's
** An eq crafting system
** Overland-Wilderness system
** A changed experience system(aka Chronicles Mud system)
** Storage lockers
** Autoquests
** Mprog Quest System
** Quest Token Rewards(will become part of a global quest system)
** Double Exp,Qp and Quad Damage
** Global Boards
** Stat Trainers
** Healers
** compass and ascii map displays
** new skills and spells
** A multitude of small changes and enhancements to existing systems.

This was the final release of the series 1.x code and EldhaMUD 2.x is totally different and no longer compatible with this release. I hope you enjoy it.