Uploaded: 10 Mar, 2008
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Author: LPUni Mudlib Team

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After a long haitus in the wilderness and much to most people's suprise, the LPUniversity Mudlib is back for a final outing. This release is a bugfix of ALPHA-0610-R7. There are still many problems with the mudlib but it was decided that it should be released for future developers to use and fix. Current mudlib development is now focused upon the Sapidlib trunk. Occasional fixes will be released for this version but only on an ad-hoc basis.

Included in this release:

* Conference room
* access command now functional
* Various bugs were fixed

Since this is only the 8th release, there are bound to be many more bugs and issues. Please report them to LPUni Final to help make the LPUniversity Mudlib better.

For further information, please look at our website LPUniversity

The LPUniversity Mudlib team