Uploaded: 14 Aug, 2011
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Author: KaVir

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KaVir said:
The code was originally taken from God Wars II, decoupled, changed from C++ to C (as most muds are written in C), then cleaned up and documented.

It adds support for TTYPE, NAWS, MSDP, ATCP, MSSP, MSP and MXP, as well as UTF-8 (using CHARSET) and XTerm 256 colors.

Includes generic installation instructions, as well as more specific instructions for Merc, SMAUG and TBA.

I've released this snippet into the public domain.

Updated 13-Jun-2011 to handle broken packets and resolve a cyclic TTYPE issue with windows telnet.

Updated 14-Aug-2011 by Scandum to use correct MSDP table and array structures.