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Author: Jason Mitchell, Randi Mitchell

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Version 2.44b of Roh (Realms of Hell) by Jason Mitchell, Randi Mitchell with contributions by Tim Callahan, Jonathan Hseu.
Based on Mordor (C) by Brooke Paul, Brett J. Vickers, John P. Freeman

Roh's website:
Mordor's website:

See Readme.txt for information on getting it up and running, including required libraries. Compiles under gcc-4.4.1 and icc-11.1.

Released under Creative Commons - Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike 3.0 License -

If you have any questions you can contact me at bane /at/ or post under the non-game discussion forum at

General list of features:
Player properties (storage rooms, shops, guild properties)
Player-run guilds (with admin approval)
Xml file format
Many classes available, including Mutli-Class
Overland system
Online editing of rooms/monsters/objects
Support for multiple areas
Factions (Reputation)
Multiple Deities for clerics and paladins to worship.
Supports: MCCP, MSP, NAWS and limited MXP

Bugs: Various bugs but we're working slowly on fixing them :)