Uploaded: 14 Jul, 2009
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Author: Igor van den Hoven

Downloads: 396

Lola is a derivative of Emud 3.0.

Among its features are a VT100 tactical interface, MTH telnet support (MCCP, MSSP, MSDP, TTYPE), OLC, a powerful line editor, an advanced and fast mobprog derived engine with support for mobile, object, and room programs, player build clans, ability to control mobs with players, eight balanced classes with unique skills and spells, hyperlinked helpfile system, build in crash debugging system, uptimes of over 6 months, two faction PK system, and Lola compiles and runs without modifications on Cygwin.

1) Execute: tar -zxvf lola-1.4.tar.gz
2) Execute: cd lola
3) Execute: ./install
4) Follow the instructions in the README file.