Uploaded: 18 Feb, 2009
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Author: Chris

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I worked on this code for Merc 2.2 with some changes from
Rom24B6. So this code should be simular to use for any diku
deriv codebase. The base working code below is exactly as
it was when I pulled it from my codebase on Feb 11th, 2009.
It's been tested and works.

The idea came a few years ago from Avatar Mud. Basicly, this
is just a general sublevel system that doesn't rely on Remort
code, multiclassing or anything else. It just adds to the
existing mud.

Mortals = Levels 1 - 50
Heros = Level 51 (sublevels 1 - 999)
Lords = Level 125 (sublevels 1 - 999)

Basicly, this gives your mud an additional 2000 levels while
all mobiles for heros and lords only need to be real levels
51 - 55 or so. Since sublevels have nothing to do with the
actual levels, you don't need to create level 600 mobs.